Monday, April 19, 2010

INTERIOR DEZIGN: z gallerie (3rd St Promenade)

I haven't posted an ID write up in a while! Anyhow, I have relatives in town, and several great things about being a host is driving all over Southern California to show off our coast line and weather, explaining our easy access to actor/actress sightings, and the introducing some of the best variety of cuisines! Yesterday, after a two hour sight-seeing bus tour of Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and Bel Air, we cruised over to Santa Monica pier and ended the day with a stroll down the hip and entertaining 3rd Street Promenade. I always make a visit to Z Gallerie, one of my favorite home furnishings and accent shops in SoCal. The stores are hard to come by where I live, so any chance I get, I make sure to poke my head in and see potential wedding details.

Z Gallerie | 1426 3rd St. Promenade, Santa Monica, CA 90401

From contemporary to crystals, shells to an array of modern satin curtains, Z Gallerie is home to some of the most stylish interior design pieces, and yet manages to stay pretty affordable. I wouldn't mind picking some favors from here, or ceramics to embellish a sign in or escort card table, or even, the reception tables!

Pay attention to their color palettes. They utilize some great colors fit for any modern wedding.

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