Monday, April 12, 2010

love is in the air! wedding reception details {April 10, 2010}

Francis and Eunice boarded their flight last Saturday and have arrived safely! Flight 4.10.10 was a major success thanks to everyone involved. The B&W team executed the coordination with ease, while keeping the couple on cloud 9. These are only snippets into all the hard work we, along with the bride and groom, dipped our hands into, but enjoy the teaser photos from the reception! We have yet to see images of the stunning couple and their entourage. From design+invitations+coordination, this wedding couldn't have been more thought out. Even my dad and I got together to construct and paint a custom backdrop for guests to have fun with.

And with the grace of our team, the couple managed to be guests at their own wedding, also contributing to the plenty of "oohs" and "ahhs" we got that night. It was no surprise that the couple would come dressed in the "flyest" dress and suit, matching their themed wedding. I really can't wait for Featherlove's photos! And as icing on the cake, the couple treated their guests to an ice cream sundae station, where guests were able to pick their flavors and toppings!

**NEWS: Epic Affair, their fantabulous videographer, already posted their same-day highlight. You can check it out by clicking here.

Couple: Francis and Eunice Arenas
Church: St Rita's Church
Venue: San Diego Air and Space Museum
Design+Invitations+Coordination: Bellz & Whistlez
Custom "come fly w/us!" Backdrop: Bellz & Whistlez
Green linen/ring pillow/guest book: Bellz & Whistlez
Florist: Sara Eaton from Black Lotus
Music/MC: Henry and Randy from the Sharpshooterz/Marie Obaña
Videography: Epic Affair
Photography: Noa Azoulay-Sclater from Featherlove Photography
Catering/Linen/Sundae Station: Personal Touch Dining
Cake: The Cake Lady (Shirley Resnick)
Vintage Transportation (1929 Durant): Lance Haynes with
Lighting: FloralWorks

Above: Ball mason jars filled with monocultivar by Black Lotus; foam glider table #s; custom program

Above: guest favor and place card; goodie bag filled with candies and custom label by B&W

Above: custom backdrop built by my dad; illustrated by me and painted by both of us

Above: the ring bearer, Sir Chase Alexander Arenas Aure; photo provided by Christian Ramos + Selle Arenas

Above: Space Museum pavilion; top of dome is a window to the sky; beautiful weather!

Above: vintage inspired cake by The Cake Lady, Shirley Resnick -- French White with Strawberry Swirl

Above: Janissa (set up) and myself

Above: The B&W team who worked the event: Christy, me, and Cyril..B+W

It's one of those weddings, where you just had to be there. Not only was the music on point (DJs: Henry and Randy from the Sharpshooters, SD), with 1940s songs filling the room as guests entered, but they had the most divalicious emcee, Miss Marie Obaña, who played Esperanza Soldado, along with her pilot, Dhell Topacio, turning the vintage-esque night into a real one! Her soulful strut while donning a gold shawl, virgin white wrist cut gloves, stunner shades, pencil cut dress, and vintage green luggage coordinated perfectly with the theme.

Above: Guests were in awe with vintage air planes in the pavilion

Above: Sweethearts table; green runners by B&W

Above: A whopping 36 reception tables. We were finished setting up an hour before the event!

Above: custom guest book by B&W

Above: custom ring pillow; we used burlap, satin and green ribbon

B&W set up assistants: Janissa (B&W Coordinator) and Jenevieve Mendoza


  1. Eunice Gregorio ArenasApril 12, 2010 at 11:50 AM

    so beautiful!!!! i can't believe we did it! i loved every moment of it. Fro and I have decided to have another B&W event for our 1 yr. anniversary! lol!

  2. Agreed. Very nice indeed. But who will provide the sound and lighting for the 1 yr anniversary? Ahem *cough *cough

  3. well done girls! looking sharp rocking that eva paron look, charm!

  4. I just saw the B&W photos, video montage, and blogs... Wow! Great job to the B&W team for throwing a beautiful event for a very deserving beautiful couple. Bellz and Whistlez got some skillz!!

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  6. We were in love with all the small (and big) details. I can't believe you built that backdrop. Beautiful job, Charm! We had a wonderful time!

  7. Being guests at your own wedding is really what the day is all about, after all. Great job...and really special theme wedding!