Thursday, April 8, 2010

sage+brown custom address labels

Have your invitations, but want to add some flare to your address labels? Don't fret! We can create just about anything with paper and ink! For Sharon and Lito, B&W clients, they had beautiful silk boxed invitations made from another vendor, but wanted something to dress up the outside metallic envelope. To encompass the design of the invitation, we came up with adhesive address labels using their colors, sage and chocolate brown, which will serve a dual purpose: 1) formally identify the recipient and 2) use it to secure a brown satin ribbon which will embellish the envelope. If you're all about presentation, then these are sure to catch any creative eye's attention.

Photo: (bottom right) 4Color adhesive label; (upper left) 100 address labels in B&W packaging -- ready to be shipped

NEWS: Sharon and Lito will be celebrating their wedding at the US Grant in San Diego this July. B&W is honored to take on the coordination for this exclusive event!

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