Friday, May 21, 2010

art of the paper doll

We've been super busy here at the office, working on our summer events -- back to back weddings, which means, we're working a ton of really cool projects. I took a mini break to do some treasure hunting on the web (more specifically and came across these ethnic goodies -- handmade paper dolls by Kirakirahoshi on Check out if you have some time; it's a great resource to snatch some ideas for multi-cultural weddings -- I've recently become a big fan!

In the meantime, check out these card toppers. You can also mount these to make a paper cake topper, or even have 'em custom made for a unique engagement photo/keepsake -- much like the one designed and created by Ricky Nierva (last image) for the Scrabble wedding.

Kirakirahoshi's wonderful craftsmanship:

Korean wedding couple

Indian wedding couple

Japanese dolls

Filipino dolls

African-American dolls

Photo source: Kirakirahoshi for Etsy

Ricky Nierva's custom engagement photo/paper art:

Photo source: Atrero Photography


  1. Excellent. wonderful work

    1. Just too good....I request you to send me a Gujarati paper doll template for my daughter....Just try to help me out please......