Monday, May 3, 2010

bringing couture, modern design, innovation and functionality to the table

Now this is what I call modern. Distinguishing itself from the rest, Serax, a Belgium home décor shop and florist studio, unites the works of renowned talents across the world to produce some of the most innovate works of art, vases, floral containers, and fixtures. I've never seen such amazing flowerpot containers and minimalist approaches to floral arrangements. Each piece is laid out so intricately that it's obvious these aren't only trained artists, but these designers attain a truly remarkable eye for composition, something I pay attention to when browsing floral concepts, tablescapes, invitation designs, etc. We, at B&W, are always looking for vendors that share a similar passion for design, and Serax has become one of our inspirations.

I love to see purely creative art, art that was "designed" and laid out only after having spent time perfecting a thorough study. Not only that, but Serax manufactures its own containers and fixtures, and just by this, it has put itself in an extraordinary category of floral and interior design.

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