Wednesday, May 26, 2010

wedding forecast by JM :: Cynthia Rowley Bridesmaids

"Introducing Cynthia Rowley Bridesmaids"
A couple of months ago, my boyfriend and I took a short trip up to L.A. to check out ANdAZ West Hollywood. During our little getaway, I ventured inside a bridal salon where an associate complimented my Cynthia Rowley crossbody bag and mentioned the newly announced partnership between The Dessy Group, a leading manufacturer of bridesmaids’ dresses and bridal apparel, and Cynthia Rowley , top American fashion designer. Excited by the news, I graciously thanked her and noted it in my head for a future blog topic.

Cynthia Rowley Bridesmaids, an exclusive collection with design elements taken directly from her eponymous ready-to-wear collection, will launch in stores next month! “We wanted to bring a chic sensibility to bridesmaids dresses-a look that is pretty yet sophisticated,” said Cynthia Rowley.
Although brides promise to have their sweet attendants in dresses that can be worn again, Rowley’s creations really are appropriate for use long after the reception. And with retail prices from $175-220, it’s hard to believe these designer dresses are reasonably priced.

“Rowley’s modern silhouettes and rich fabrics are complemented by our signature array of color choices, and are sure to be a centerpiece of any wedding celebration,” said Alan Dessy, chief executive officer of The Dessy Group.

Looks like this partnership has entered a win-win agreement with one another.
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