Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Anika London's review on Bellz&Whistlez

I remember copying a link from Ariel's (Anika London Media) email, and then at 11PM last night, realized I never got to paste it into the browser! So last night, after remembering that Ariel said something about a review on B&W, I googled it: Bellz & Whistlez Yahoo. And to my surprise, I found myself reading a review not from a couple, but from a photographer. You see, as event planners, we usually look to the reactions of the couple, so often that we forget to consider the opinions of other VIPs -- photographers, djs, cinematographers, bakers, hair/makeup teams, etc. But I am well aware that with every event, it takes the perfect synergy to make a day run as smoothly as possible and couldn't be done without the right people in the right place. Sometimes we get to refer vendors, and other times the team is predetermined by the couple. Tania+Lenin's wedding was a great example of "perfect synergy." The event ran so smoothly, and it wasn't just B&W's doing, it was because we were a strong team that day. So, thanks, Ariel and Josh, for the awesome write up. It made me reflect last night, and it feels good to know we are doing a good job not from the couples' perspective, but from partnering vendors.

Photo below: Ariel and Josh from Anika London Media (from ALM blog)

Review by Anika London Media (click here for link)
We're photographers in San Diego and we just got the chance to work with the girls at Bellz & Whistlez this past weekend... I've actually never taken the time to go write a review about a coordinator before, but these girls are so sweet, talented and amazing at everything they do... I just had to find somewhere to review them!!

Brides, I have worked with a lot of coordinators and Bellz & Whistlez was by far the best! Coordinators can help you with as little or as much of your wedding as you want... and if you need a lot of help, these girl can do it all! The design of details and decor for your venues, your stationary, your coordination and much more. They spend so much time and effort making sure that everything works well together and looks stunning. They are quick & precise with everything, but very calm and stress-free at the same time.

I'm going to refer all my brides to them, they just make the wedding day go so smooth for the couple and for all the vendors. And as a photographer, they gave me enough time to do everything I needed to which means the couple will have amazing photos and not just whatever there was time for. --Anika London Media
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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

cranes, parasols, bamboo, and the cutest logo :: tania+lenin's details

Congratulations, Tania + Lenin on your recent marriage {June 26, 2010} -- B&W is glad to have been a part of your special day!

DETAILS! DETAILS! (This a teaser post while we wait for more stunning photos from AnikaLondon.) Tania and Lenin approached B&W to execute a 6-month design + 1-month coordination project. Initially, we worked off the couple's color scheme, layout of the Prado ballroom, and invitation design (ordered via Etsy), and then were given the challenge to help introduce elements that would create a cohesive, personalized vision. We were in the process of producing concepts when T+L shared one more key ingredient -- a bamboo steamer give-a-way (with fortune cookies dipped in orange and red chocolate -- yum!). Red, tangerine, old world venue, bamboo, and fortune cookies? It was only fitting to introduce a little Asian flavor into this classy affair. The Asian elements were to be subtle, since we didn't want to distract from the gorgeous old world ballroom AND the beautiful flowers provided by FloralWorks. Just as expected, the implementation was successful -- from the origami cranes delicately hung on each centerpiece, to the printed parasols and Japanese lanterns spread across stage, and the wedding logo reminiscent of China dolls that were found throughout the reception. It took us about three months to finish folding all 130 cranes; this is a project that needs a lot of lead time, fyi. Tania+Lenin kept with the vision and found so many perfect elements to tie all the details together -- truly a creative couple that pays attention to detail just as much as B&W does. And we received so many "oohs" about their custom gobo projection, which was actually inspired by the cake topper!

Just peep these detail and gorgeous couple shots provided by AnikaLondon. Ariel and Josh, from AnikaLondon Photography, are SOOO fun and easy to work with. Talk about a chill and personable duo (and married, too!). And they got me teaser images in less than a week! Muchas gracias!

Ana from FloralWorks provided all the fancy crushed linen, flowers, and LED and par lights, along with the gobo projection on the dance floor. Just check out the amazing flowers that dressed each table; these centerpieces were so huge, guests were afraid to move them! Talk about WOW factor! And Flour Power did a great job executing the design we provided for T+L's cake. Special thanks to The Prado for providing an amazing backdrop to the event and feeding the guests with your yummy Pork of Prime Rib, and to DJ Pacman and Dj Rells (Sharpshooters) for providing the tracks to create such a positive ambiance!

** Photos provided by AnikaLondon and Bellz&Whistlez (logo indicates credit)

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

zen in the 6•1•9 :: some detail photos

It was a relaxing day indeed -- "zen" in the 6•1•9 (San Diego's area code and June 19, 2010 wedding date). We were ahead of schedule throughout the day, thanks to great teamwork amongst all the vendors and a very energetic and positive bridal party. Everything ran as smoothly as one can imagine. We still can't believe how we managed to get through a busy itinerary during this lunch time affair, and still had time to step into the photo booth and enjoy the fun.

Photo above: by Joseph Quicho; monogram projection on dancefloor, stringed lanterns, and LED lights by StreamLine Events

It seemed like yesterday, we were meeting with Becky and Errol to discuss their wedding details. As a 6-month design + 1-month coordination project, B&W was eager to toss around ideas for this zen wedding. The color scheme? A cool mint and deep cobalt blue -- two contrasting colors that meshed well with the theme. In addition to the zen theme and cool color palette, they wanted to include a little San Diego flavor. Blending the ideas into one cohesive vision, along with fitting the theme into Hyatt Mission Bay's ballroom, and adding the fact that it was going to take place during lunch were challenges we knew we could get by. BUT, the story doesn't stop here. The couple threw us a few other challenges -- do all the floral centerpieces and sew custom linen. It seemed like the list of things-to-do just doubled and the time frame was cut in half. How were we to do all of this while having three other weddings at the same time? Answer: Don't even think about the things to do. Just work. Thankfully, Ana Aftahi, from FloralWorks, provided the beautiful bouquets, boutonnieres and gorgeous altar arrangements. A personal "thanks" goes out to Janissa, Sherwin, and Jenevieve for making the lovely centerpieces -- I know it took a lot of hard work to trim, spray and arrange all 40 branches -- they turned out beautiful!

Photo above: Hyatt Mission Bay ballroom set for a luncheon reception

Photo above: one of the manzanita trees we made for the escort card table

Photo above: custom design by Bellz & Whistlez; made by Sumi's Oven (emboss is signature of Sumi)

Photo above: 20 custom pew hangers adorned the church aisle

Photo above: ceremony programs

Photo above: custom table number lanterns

Photo above: reception/menu cards

Photo above: escort cards

Photo above: giveaway was French honey packaged inside vellum mint take out boxes and wrapped with custom favor tags

Photo above: gift table display by B&W; we also made the branches with orchids

Photo above: 1 of 2 tea stations; custom linen

Photo above: signage for tea station

The ballroom was set as if it were a night time affair, with full linens, gold beaded chargers, and LED lights to provide a backdrop to the presidential and sweetheart tables. The gold branches with orchids in stone vases were the perfect zen element to add to each table -- simple and elegant. Vill of StreamLine Events used a Leko light to project their monogram on the dance floor, and above it, a string of coordinating Japanese lanterns dressed the ceiling. Janissa worked with the couple to design two tea stations, complete with plated Korean honeydew gummies, almond croissants, Love Letters, green tea pound cake, and Madelines.And while one team member was outside aligning 300+ escort cards, the team inside the ballroom was making sure everything was set perfectly.

Photo above: Hyatt's AV team installed mint, ivory and cobalt blue lanterns

Photo above: couple's guest book was a San Diego photography book

Photo above: B&W centerpieces; gold sprayed manzanita with flowers tucked into stone vases; custom B&W runners

Photo above: giveaway

Photo above: cocktail hour in the Mission Terrace; beautiful SD weather!

Most of these photos were taken by B&W (*several were provided by Joe Quicho and Genesis Lastrella), so while we wait for Chaz Cruz' professional photos, feast your eyes on some of the details we incorporated into the event. Be sure to check out the detail work on the embossed cake made by Sumi's Oven and designed by us!

Photos below provided by Joseph and Genesis

Photo above: custom monogram decals designed and installed by B&W

Photo above: Becky's Christian Louboutins!

Photo above: ode to Jabbawockeez -- Grand Entrance

Photo above: bridesmaids in custom dresses
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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Becky + Errol's photobooth madness {by Chaz Cruz Photography}

Wall of fame or shame?! LOL!!! Check out a snippet of the photobooth madness at Becky + Errol's wedding. It's funny when guests get a hold of a clicker and are at free will to do whatever they want in front of a tripod. Even B&W had to jump in front of the camera a few times! Love the props!

**Thanks, Chaz Cruz, for this awesome, self-service interactive station. Guests will ALWAYS love the photo booth idea!

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