Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Anika London's review on Bellz&Whistlez

I remember copying a link from Ariel's (Anika London Media) email, and then at 11PM last night, realized I never got to paste it into the browser! So last night, after remembering that Ariel said something about a review on B&W, I googled it: Bellz & Whistlez Yahoo. And to my surprise, I found myself reading a review not from a couple, but from a photographer. You see, as event planners, we usually look to the reactions of the couple, so often that we forget to consider the opinions of other VIPs -- photographers, djs, cinematographers, bakers, hair/makeup teams, etc. But I am well aware that with every event, it takes the perfect synergy to make a day run as smoothly as possible and couldn't be done without the right people in the right place. Sometimes we get to refer vendors, and other times the team is predetermined by the couple. Tania+Lenin's wedding was a great example of "perfect synergy." The event ran so smoothly, and it wasn't just B&W's doing, it was because we were a strong team that day. So, thanks, Ariel and Josh, for the awesome write up. It made me reflect last night, and it feels good to know we are doing a good job not from the couples' perspective, but from partnering vendors.

Photo below: Ariel and Josh from Anika London Media (from ALM blog)

Review by Anika London Media (click here for link)

We're photographers in San Diego and we just got the chance to work with the girls at Bellz & Whistlez this past weekend... I've actually never taken the time to go write a review about a coordinator before, but these girls are so sweet, talented and amazing at everything they do... I just had to find somewhere to review them!!

Brides, I have worked with a lot of coordinators and Bellz & Whistlez was by far the best! Coordinators can help you with as little or as much of your wedding as you want... and if you need a lot of help, these girl can do it all! The design of details and decor for your venues, your stationary, your coordination and much more. They spend so much time and effort making sure that everything works well together and looks stunning. They are quick & precise with everything, but very calm and stress-free at the same time.

I'm going to refer all my brides to them, they just make the wedding day go so smooth for the couple and for all the vendors. And as a photographer, they gave me enough time to do everything I needed to which means the couple will have amazing photos and not just whatever there was time for. --Anika London Media

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