Wednesday, June 9, 2010

axiom apparel group's grand opening

B&W had the privilege of planning and coordinating a grand opening for Axiom Apparel Group, located in the City of Industry, Ca, on May 27th, 2010. AAG, a major distributor of retail clothes to major department stores throughout the nation, purchased and remodeled a huge 66,000 sq. ft. building/warehouse, and wanted to celebrate with 60 of its VIPs. The big B&W challenge: plan the event (grand opening AND reception) in 17 days. B&W began working quickly to develop an overall color scheme, design direction, and utilization of the space while working within a set budget. The overall vision was to set up a semi-formal, classy social setting within the warehouse, which was also one of the highlights. For the reception, we had about 3,000 sq. ft. of warehouse floor space to use along with staging a ceremonial, tented location at the entrance, where speeches were to be delivered and the red ribbon was to be cut. We were also responsible for drafting the timeline and facilitating the itinerary for the actual red ribbon cutting ceremony.

By working with some of the most responsive, reliable, and quality vendors in So Cal, Jay's Catering and Bella Blooms, the event ran just as planned and even ahead of schedule. Axiom hired a string trio, Vivace Trio, to provide the classical ambiance music, and the scrumptious food was elegantly presented and served. Champagne was served the entire time, while guests enjoyed the hors d'oeuvres, and wine was given away as guests exited. Guests enjoyed the celebration, and the event was a success! Thanks, Axiom, esp Marie, Jeanette, and Angela, for the opportunity!

NOTE: I took as many pics as I could, but since I worked solo that day, I wasn't able to get the actual red ribbon cutting ceremony (** with the giant 3-ft scissors!!) and all the delicious food being tray passed by the catering staff.

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