Monday, July 26, 2010

TEASER! denise+kris :: e-session with atrero photography

This weekend was busy. Team Bellz & Whistlez coordinated a wedding at the US Grant in Downtown San Diego, and then on Sunday, I went on site with Atrero Photography to style the set for an engagement photo session with our clients, Denise+Kris (Feb 2011)! The backdrop: the beach! Just when I thought the overcast was going to try and damper our mission, Ed and Karen (Atrero) surprised me with such sexy, dramatic teaser shots, incorporating the blanket of clouds into the composition. WOW!

Photography: Atrero Photography
Set Design: Bellz & Whistlez

Ed and Karen, you're killin' us by only showing two! Now I know why they call it a "teaser." I won't be surprised if I catch myself stalking your blog for the next few months!

Stay tuned for more of Atrero Photography 's rockin' e-session with Denise+Kris!

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