Tuesday, July 6, 2010

wedding forecast by JM :: launch of Pillow Talk Design

"The Launch of Pillow Talk Design"
June 26th was quite eventful. I assisted the B&W team with setup at the Prado for Tania and Lenin’s beautiful wedding, took off to ANdAZ to overlook a cocktail reception, and then ended the night at Red Pearl Kitchen for the launch of Pillow Talk Design! PTD creates posh custom pillows making them the perfect gift for any occasion. House warmings, weddings, birthdays, or even for yourself. Co-owners and sisters, Honey David and Maricris Guanga are super sweet and I was fortunate enough to conduct the following Q&A session with them.

Photos above: (top right) Maricris Guanga (co-owner); (left) the pillows; (bottom right) owners Honey David and Maricris Guanga with B&W's Janissa Mendoza; (bottom left) Sherwin and Honey

JM: Tell me the story behind PTD.
HD: Sewing has been a hobby of Mar’s for many years. She started at a young age, learning from our mother, and took classes in high school. Mar created many things from sewing including hanging caddies, clothes for her pug, and finally pillows. Friends in Virginia and in California started showing interest in Mar’s pillows and so the idea of Pillow Talk Design was born in early 2009.

MD: Honey, with her business background and marketing expertise, was the catalyst to the launch of Pillow Talk Design in June of 2010.

JM: Why pillows?
PTD: Here at Pillow Talk Design, we believe luxury is a requirement. Just as a pillow is a staple to every bedroom, we believe luxury should be a staple in everyone’s lives.

JM: You two are practically fraternal twins. Same birthday, yet one year apart. What are your thoughts about starting a business together?
PTD: We get that a lot! Many people comment about how we say, do, and think the same things. The same is true when it comes to Pillow Talk Design. We have similar opinions and share the same vision and attitude for our business. While we are serious about our designs and our work, we certainly know how to keep things fun.

JM: Who is your target market and where do you envision PTD going?
PTD: Our primary target market is women, age 25 years and older. We cater to women who are independent, know what they want, and realize that they deserve to feel luxurious and sexy. In addition to our primary target market, we strive to remind all women that they deserve to feel pampered. We are excited to see where PTD will be in a few years. We hope to have some of our products in specialty boutiques. In the long run, our goal is to remind women that we all deserve to feel inspired and sensual.

JM: Is there any "pillow talk" of additional items to your product line?
PTD: We are definitely open-minded and are looking forward to being able to offer new products. We have already been approached by clients requesting products like party favors and luxury pet beds. A lot of our clients are men purchasing products for the women in their lives, and a few of them have asked whether we would ever create products for men. We aren’t there yet, but it can always be a future venture. We have also been brain storming about lingerie, aroma-therapy sachets, and sleeping eye masks, or what we would call “eye-pillows."

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