Monday, August 23, 2010

creating a couture look with designer accessories :: kirsten kuehn

"Custom" is a word you'll hear from us in almost every post, and the reason is that we're firm believers that customization (or personalization) adds value. Knowing how important "good design" can transform a wedding, we keep our eyes peeled for anything that can add a hint of personality to elements like the centerpiece, invitation, and even the dress. And for years, I've been on the hunt for beautifully designed belts, sashes, and appliqué to not only embellish the waist line, but to create a truly bespoke wedding gown. Today marks a milestone for me -- I found a source -- she's a talented, young, and brilliant designer, who upon graduation from FIDM in '09, wasted no time producing accessories for the modern day bride. Thank you, Kirsten Kuehn! Your designs are more than fabulous. And as a fan to customizing pieces simply to make a personal statement to the world, I'm so proud you're doing your biz, helping brides turn their ideal wedding gown into a dream wedding gown by adding designer accessories.

Click HERE to go to Kirsten Kuehn's Etsy page.

Photo above: Raine Medallion Sash

Photo above: Double Austine Crystal Sash

Kirsten Kuehn is an extremely detailed artist who hand crafts amazing bridal belts, luxury hair pieces, couture garters, and even designer ring pillows. I'm excited to be able to share her work with our readers and boast prices that can't be beat. Trust me, I know. I customized my bridal gown and spent $50/yd on a simple poly-satin sash to later discover I could have gone to the local craft store and bought the entire 100 yard roll for $10. But my sash wouldn't have looked like Kirsten's pieces! Her price point can't be argued -- the quality is evident and hand work, impeccable. And lastly, Kirsten just helped you create a bespoke wedding gown.

Photo above: Tina Crystal Fascinator

Photo above: Lizzy Crystal Sash

Photo above: Kali Crystal Sash

Photo above: Cele Floral Sash

Photo above: Abril Garter

Kirsten designs some of the nicest garters and head bands. I wouldn't toss these sexy garters though! Make sure you have a "toss" garter. And dare to impress with a vintage head band to rock throughout the reception.

Photo above: Bali Crystal Sash

Photo above: Harvey Garter

Photo above: Rachel Garter

Photo above: Kali and Holly Crystal Headband

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  1. Hi B+W ladies!

    First of all, I ADORE all of your work. You are all so inspiring and creative. I am in love with everything you do!

    I'm getting married next November but I bought my wedding dress yesterday at the Brides Against Breast Cancer event! I had seen your post about it a while ago then received an email last week saying it was coming to San Diego - I knew I had to go!!! I found my dream dress :). Its simple and clean but has rushing and layers and just enough "poof" - all I 'm missing is embellishment! Kirsten's work looks awesome! I might have to take a look - hopefully I can find something for my dress :).

    Thanks again B+W ladies! You rock my socks!

    Take care,