Thursday, August 5, 2010

graphite+crimson+silver letterpress wedding invitations

Alyssa Summey, the Production Manager/Wedding Coordinator at 7-Degrees (Laguna Beach), contacted B&W to create a couture invitation ensemble for her big day in October. It was an exciting surprise to get to work with Alyssa and David, since I knew Alyssa has seen plenty of invitations in her time working at 7-Degrees. Nonetheless, B&W is one of 7-Degrees' preferred vendors, and I was confident B&W could produce something classy, chic, and modern to coordinate with her lavish reception plans.

Here are some photos from her invitation ensemble, which reflect a dramatic style incorporating a sexy metallic graphite jacket, ornate crimson letterpress graphics on fine cotton paper, and silver elements to balance light and dark. Alyssa wanted to include a key and we put our thinking caps on to design a key/tag monogram for this couple. The folding concept is very well treated with fine simplicity -- simple bi-fold with a pocket wrapped with a belly band. A personal "K" hot wax seal (which I will say, takes lots of time to perfectly center) adorned the custom belly band and proved to be a wonderful signature to the set.

A+D have been together since high school, so you can imagine the anticipation for this huge celebration, on what's to be their 10-yr anniversary. As a creative consultant and professional to producing some of Orange County's most fabulous weddings at the completely modern, industrial space that attracts many walks of life, Alyssa has finally switched gears to plan her very own dream wedding. With 7-Degrees as her backdrop, I can already tell you, it's going to be one fabulous party, and I'm not being biased because I got married here -- the space speaks for itself and you can ask any photographer, they'll attest that this is one undeniably cool location to shoot photos.

I'll be sure to try and get some reception photos from their photographer, Nicole Caldwell Photography to show you exactly how these invitations coordinated with the reception design. It took Alyssa and I a few conversations to nail the design direction, including seeing her table scape mock up crafted by her florist, but these invites are sure to make the perfect first impression of what's to come.

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