Wednesday, September 29, 2010

the ultimate accessory to any table scape :: the designer chair by chameleon chairs

Chameleon Chairs is the forefront to the ultimate designer table accessory -- the chair. Not just a piece of furniture, but rather, a fortunate guest at some of the most elaborate events ever planned, like the "Inception" movie after-party, the Lakers Victory Celebration, Academy Awards Governors Ball, and many outrageously designed grand openings for the biggest and baddest of venues.* You've seen their art in numerous wedding publications, sported in some of the most magnificent photo shoots, but probably didn't notice. Why? Because these chairs, accompanied with extravagant designer centerpieces, fine gold-trimmed china and silverware, luxe stationery, donned with a collection of beaming candles all meticulously set in the pristine backyard of some grand estate tucked in Beverly Hills, just fit the criteria for a jaw dropping couture photo shoot. Now imagine a plain, lifeless banquet chair with all of these gorgeous designer elements -- of course the chair would only be such, begging the photographer to take him out. Well, with weddings taking on an entirely modern way of planning, along with the fact that many couples are taking 100% financial responsibility, pieces like the chair, invitations, even the centerpiece are all scrutinized -- in a good way. Check out these chairs by Chameleon Chairs. There's no need for me to explain how they can transform any event. It's the ultimate accessory to any table scape, and a major detail that easily turns any reception into a designer reception.

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Monday, September 27, 2010

surprise 60th birthday invitations + favors

We've got a fun project to share! On Sept 11th, 2010, my dad was given a special surprise party for his 60th birthday. With the help of family, I put my B&W skills to use and successfully executed an intimate surprise celebration with our immediate family. I've planned several surprise shindigs, and they're quite challenging, especially if you've created a guest list of 100+ people (yes, I've done this before!). But for my dad's, the guest list was a mere 40 people, and planning it was a breeze. One of the fun projects I took on was creating a birthday invitation that clearly communicated this would be a surprise! So check out what I did... shhh! It's a surprise!

(check out my knot. i also intended for this invite to be masculine, hence the color scheme and logo.)

(Photos of the insert and address label.) If you're wondering why it was addressed to my dad, I gave this to him AFTER the party so he could enjoy his keepsake. Each guest received this in the mail. And thanks to Facebook, we were all able to keep in touch about details for the party. My dad doesn't get on the internet much, so it was perfect to do all the communication online!

My sister, Germaline, put favors together with the help of my husband and her son, Angelino. I created tags which were adhered to the clear box -- just perfect for this intimate occasion.

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

denise+kris :: more e-session photos by Atrero Photography

…more dazzling photos from Denise + Kris' engagement session by Atrero Photography!

Creative couples know that the e-session is a great way to set the tone for any event. In this case, D+K communicated two things. Kris, who has taken a hobby in brewing his own beer (isn't that rad?!), and Denise, who enjoys the product of his recipes, gravitated towards a fitting location for their e-shoot -- Stone Brewing Co.'s Restaurant. It's their favorite local brewery in San Diego. If you haven't been to Stone, the atmosphere is fabulous. The food is phenomenal -- all organic and gourmet. After the session at Stone, we quickly traveled to the beach to create something totally out-of-the-box: a posh lounge set up complete with décor and even a faux fur carpet. Reason: they're treating all 350+ guests to a gorgeously designed wedding at one of the coolest venues in Downtown -- Hard Rock Hotel. D+K have been thinking out every single detail for this event, and with creative minds working to the same tune, it's easy to say this is going to be one rad wedding in 2011.

Photography: Atrero Photography
Set Design (beach): Bellz & Whistlez

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

christian's girl -- bianca with a twist

Christian Louboutin dares -- no, he double dares. From studded heels to floral netted booties, flats to 5-inch heels, CL will always be a designer favorite. My guilty pleasure? These 5-inch suede Bianca heels with a zipper. Sole purpose: To flirt, just a tad.

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

2nd annual LA Printer's Fair {Sept 25, 2010} :: come see us!

NEWS! Yes, it's official. B&W is back for round two of the LA Printer's Fair in Torrance, California! Last year's debut proved to be a success, bringing in vendors from all over the nation to accommodating hundreds of spectators. Each booth represented something that involved printing; most vendors showcased letterpress as an art form. B&W represented by exhibiting custom letterpress wedding stationery and event design -- the only one in its category, and I couldn't tell you how awesome it was to see couples react at how an invitation can create a vision for the rest of the wedding planning. Or to witness pressman gawk at the finished invitation ensemble complete with the other elements. Or to chit chat about Pantones, cotton rag paper, GSM, and bleeds! Ok. Ok. I might be "geek" talking a little too much, but you'll know exactly what I mean if you make it out to Torrance on Sept 25th! Come visit us.. and all the other folks who LOVE paper, ink, and printing!

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Monday, September 13, 2010

jamie lynn + jay's invitation :: all aboard!!!

Remember Jamie Lynn and Jay's "tag-the-dates?"

Well, well -- we're finally posting pictures of their matching custom invitations! This creative project was designed by taking the couple's love for traveling + their unique style and melding it into one perfect invitation concept. Notice the double Js in the anchor monogram? See the old world map printed on the custom jacket? Spot the mini luggage symbols on the RSVP card? Check out the iconic treasure map insert complete with an "X" marks the spot? Their "passengers" are in for a fantastic voyage!

I can't believe how many countries this young couple has explored! It's amazing to spend time enjoying worldly sites at an age where you have the energy to endure the physical part of traveling and an open mind to appreciate new experiences. Imagine the cuisine these two have had the luxury of sampling?!

Thanks, Jamie Lynn and Jay, for being detailed with your vision, quickly tackling edits, and communicating your style -- the finished product is a true reflection of what's to come.

B&W is also designing the matching paper goods, a challenge we've been working on the last few weeks -- since we set the bar with their save-the-dates, and now the invitations, the matching goods have to shine, too!

More photos of the invitations!

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Thursday, September 9, 2010

calling all foodies! ... it's coming! DineLA (Oct 2010)

I know you love (or used to love) to go on dinner dates, but now that wedding planning has taken over your life, the romantic dinners have come to a halt. Well, lovely couples, we've got some exciting news to share, and it's a great way to get your heads out of that wedding binder and take a break ... a really nice break. For the greater Los Angeles folks, or even OC or SD fans, DineLA is coming {Oct 3–8 and Oct 10–15}, and if you haven't participated in some sort of restaurant week, you're missing out! This is an event the hubby and I participate in almost every year. With phenomenal pre-fixe menus boasting low price points for three course meals for $, $$, and even $$$ restaurants, every guest can enjoy without breaking the bank. Simply click on this link to peep the number of fabulous restaurants participating in DineLA (Oct 2010). Hope I bump into you, 'cause I'm definitely going to treat myself to some yummy goodness!

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

modern+tropical letterpress wedding invitations

Karen+Gil (6-month design + 1-month coordination clients) will be joining the married club in two weeks, and we've been collaborating with this super sweet couple to create an entirely personal, entertaining, and designed wedding. Honestly, B&W believes there is a difference with planning vs. designing an event, and K+G's big day will be an excellent example of that theory. The décor will reflect a modern approach with a touch of tropical flavor, perfect to tie in their personal style and the fact that they currently live in Kauai, Hawaii. {jealous!} With The Paradise Point Resort (San Diego) as the backdrop, I can't help but feel like I'm somewhere in Hawaii, distant of a busy downtown. Ahh... Paradise...

Per K+G's request, we provided three completely different invitation concepts, playing with bamboo, unique folds, and creative text layouts. And the final selection couldn't have been a better choice for K+G's personal style and visual direction. The majority of our invitation clients are selecting letterpress as their method of printing, and I have to agree that though clients pay a premium for the service, letterpress is a luxury item that immediately sets the tone for any designed event. And to illustrate the beautiful location, 5-star service, high quality design, and modern style of the reception, we chose to use 200lb (1/16 inch thick) cotton rag paper for the main card and backed it with metallic creamy wasabi and matte purple card stock, bellied with raffia ribbon. *The envelopes, insert, and RSVP postcard are printed offset. The monstera leaf, a plant you'll find all around the Hawaiian islands, played an integral part in the monogram design, and later, you'll see how we managed to tie in something like foliage to create cohesiveness.

Take a look at our creation. Crafted with style and assembled with T.L.C., these beauties are the first impression of what's to be a modern+tropical wedding set in sunny San Diego, all in honor of a perfect match -- Karen and Gil. Congrats, you two!

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