Wednesday, September 8, 2010

modern+tropical letterpress wedding invitations

Karen+Gil (6-month design + 1-month coordination clients) will be joining the married club in two weeks, and we've been collaborating with this super sweet couple to create an entirely personal, entertaining, and designed wedding. Honestly, B&W believes there is a difference with planning vs. designing an event, and K+G's big day will be an excellent example of that theory. The décor will reflect a modern approach with a touch of tropical flavor, perfect to tie in their personal style and the fact that they currently live in Kauai, Hawaii. {jealous!} With The Paradise Point Resort (San Diego) as the backdrop, I can't help but feel like I'm somewhere in Hawaii, distant of a busy downtown. Ahh... Paradise...

Per K+G's request, we provided three completely different invitation concepts, playing with bamboo, unique folds, and creative text layouts. And the final selection couldn't have been a better choice for K+G's personal style and visual direction. The majority of our invitation clients are selecting letterpress as their method of printing, and I have to agree that though clients pay a premium for the service, letterpress is a luxury item that immediately sets the tone for any designed event. And to illustrate the beautiful location, 5-star service, high quality design, and modern style of the reception, we chose to use 200lb (1/16 inch thick) cotton rag paper for the main card and backed it with metallic creamy wasabi and matte purple card stock, bellied with raffia ribbon. *The envelopes, insert, and RSVP postcard are printed offset. The monstera leaf, a plant you'll find all around the Hawaiian islands, played an integral part in the monogram design, and later, you'll see how we managed to tie in something like foliage to create cohesiveness.

Take a look at our creation. Crafted with style and assembled with T.L.C., these beauties are the first impression of what's to be a modern+tropical wedding set in sunny San Diego, all in honor of a perfect match -- Karen and Gil. Congrats, you two!

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