Monday, September 27, 2010

surprise 60th birthday invitations + favors

We've got a fun project to share! On Sept 11th, 2010, my dad was given a special surprise party for his 60th birthday. With the help of family, I put my B&W skills to use and successfully executed an intimate surprise celebration with our immediate family. I've planned several surprise shindigs, and they're quite challenging, especially if you've created a guest list of 100+ people (yes, I've done this before!). But for my dad's, the guest list was a mere 40 people, and planning it was a breeze. One of the fun projects I took on was creating a birthday invitation that clearly communicated this would be a surprise! So check out what I did... shhh! It's a surprise!

(check out my knot. i also intended for this invite to be masculine, hence the color scheme and logo.)

(Photos of the insert and address label.) If you're wondering why it was addressed to my dad, I gave this to him AFTER the party so he could enjoy his keepsake. Each guest received this in the mail. And thanks to Facebook, we were all able to keep in touch about details for the party. My dad doesn't get on the internet much, so it was perfect to do all the communication online!

My sister, Germaline, put favors together with the help of my husband and her son, Angelino. I created tags which were adhered to the clear box -- just perfect for this intimate occasion.

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