Wednesday, September 29, 2010

the ultimate accessory to any table scape :: the designer chair by chameleon chairs

Chameleon Chairs is the forefront to the ultimate designer table accessory -- the chair. Not just a piece of furniture, but rather, a fortunate guest at some of the most elaborate events ever planned, like the "Inception" movie after-party, the Lakers Victory Celebration, Academy Awards Governors Ball, and many outrageously designed grand openings for the biggest and baddest of venues.* You've seen their art in numerous wedding publications, sported in some of the most magnificent photo shoots, but probably didn't notice. Why? Because these chairs, accompanied with extravagant designer centerpieces, fine gold-trimmed china and silverware, luxe stationery, donned with a collection of beaming candles all meticulously set in the pristine backyard of some grand estate tucked in Beverly Hills, just fit the criteria for a jaw dropping couture photo shoot. Now imagine a plain, lifeless banquet chair with all of these gorgeous designer elements -- of course the chair would only be such, begging the photographer to take him out. Well, with weddings taking on an entirely modern way of planning, along with the fact that many couples are taking 100% financial responsibility, pieces like the chair, invitations, even the centerpiece are all scrutinized -- in a good way. Check out these chairs by Chameleon Chairs. There's no need for me to explain how they can transform any event. It's the ultimate accessory to any table scape, and a major detail that easily turns any reception into a designer reception.

*Source: Chameleon Chairs; all photos from

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