Friday, October 29, 2010

amazing halloween make-up by promise phan

It's Halloween weekend in So Cal, and whether you've made plans two months prior or just yesterday, I've got to admit, Halloween is probably one of the most anticipated parties of the year. From Las Vegas' adult partying in nothing but body paint to cartoon themed costumes for a family's traditional trick-or-treat in the neighborhood, this weekend's going to be full of surprises, with folks pointing out the "scary," "clever," and extremely "out-of-the-box" costumes of the year. It's one of my favorite times of the year since the streets are spawning with creativity, and for me, I'm always looking for that one person who did a fascinating job with make-up application.

Today's post focuses on make-up, and thanks to a friend on Facebook, I was pointed out to one talented make-up artist who shares tutorials on how to create looks like an ocean blue Avatar, Lady Gaga's anime get up, Katy Perry's infamous blue wig look, the Mad Hatter and even the Bed Intruder's Antoine Dodson. She goes by the name of Promise Phan (dope2111's channel) and has over 80,000 subscribers on YouTube. What an amazing artist! It's not too late if you don't have a costume; bring out your make-up and try one of these looks!

Click HERE for the direct link to Promise's YouTube channel.

Above: Promise Phan's "Neytiri" from Avatar

Above: Promise Phan's "Barbie" look

Above: Promise Phan's "Lady Gaga anime" look

Above: Promise Phan's sexy swamp mermaid look

Above: Promise Phan's "Katy Perry" look

Above: Promise Phan's "pin up girl" look . . .(click for full post)

Monday, October 25, 2010

grace+myhkro's wedding photos by bauman photography {10.9.10}

It's early in the week, and while we recover from this weekend's event, I want to share a special wedding that B&W was privileged to assist a few weeks ago {Oct 09, 2010}. Janissa, one of our coordinators, mentioned that her cousin, Myhkro was getting married to Grace and wanted to make sure their day was perfect, stress free, and memorable. G+M selected our Gold package (1-month coordination) to ensure they received professional help to prepare a flawless time line. Janissa handled the 1-month preparations with ease, while G+M continued to fine tune all the details and design for their big day. It's always a treat to see what a bride and groom have designed for their guests, especially when it's executed well -- and we were lucky to have been able to experience a ballroom that was put together nicely. From full pipe and drape (floor to ceiling) by Concepts Event Design, to satin underlays, damask runners, and dressed chairs by Dreams do Come True, Bisco Florals came in to drop perfect floral touches like pomander balls, a cascade of hydrangeas along the cake, and modern vases filled with meticulously arranged centerpieces to complete the Solstice Ballroom at Hotel Solamar in Downtown, San Diego. Luckily, G+M contracted the talented Bauman Photography team to capture these details and memories, and here, I present their story! Enjoy!

For dinner events at a hotel, the normal schedule begins with a cocktail hour at 5PM, followed by a dinner at 6PM. When Janissa presented the outline to me with the last item to take place at 8:35PM, I sort of looked up and wondered if I was seeing things. Blessing, toast, first dance, parent dances, .... ?? We can open the dance floor at 8:35PM? It's true, we did it and earlier than planned! We conquered something that isn't normally seen with large hotel weddings. By 8:30PM, the garter had been tossed, and the first song for open dancing played. Two photobooths (San Diego Photobooths and A Little Scene Flip Books) kept the guests entertained, while folks mingled, danced, AND got to spend time with the couple. After I got home, I reflected about the success of such a flawless itinerary. This is what I concluded: 1) I'm already aware, but... keep your outline simple, 2) select 2-3 pretty solid public speakers to deliver impactful, short toasts, and 3) by ending the outline early, it means more time for the couple to connect with guests and enjoy the rest of the evening, so they can't say they didn't get the chance to chat with family and friends. Genius!

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Monday, October 18, 2010

darlin' cake topper

Spotted this darlin' custom cake topper online today. Photo was taken by Laura McGlynn, but I'm not sure who made the cake topper. Please e-mail me if you know!

Photo source: by Laura McGlynn . . .(click for full post)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

2nd Annual LA Printers Fair {2010} :: B&W booth

B&W participated in the 2nd Annual LA Printers Fair in Carson, CA at the International Printing Museum off Torrance Blvd on September 25th, 2010. As the event grows, more and more visitors flock to the back lot of the museum to check out the "art of printing." What I love about this particular showcase showdown isn't the fact that we have the opportunity to garner new clients, instead, it's an opportunity to exhibit our work, our art, the very thing that put B&W on the map -- our custom invitations. And though the majority of wedding clients haven't heard of terms like "line screen," "registration," "bleeds," and "gsm," the fair gives the artist the chance to explain the process to booth visitors. Printing, especially letterpress or engraving, consists of a truly methodical approach; the old school style isn't as easy as the push of a button. Letterpress printing is an art that has made its way back into the 21st century and has become the forefront of wedding invitations.

The fair welcomed artists and printers from across the nation, who set up mini booths cascading with letterpress greeting cards, hand made papers from India, specialty hand bound books, wood type, and even functioning presses. B&W was the only booth that presented custom-designed letterpress wedding invitation ensembles, so really, it was a special site to see at the fair. Visitors, including my husband, got the chance to print custom 5x7 cards using a table top letterpress machine. With graphic design being my backbone, sharing the museum with folks who come from the same background keeps me in tune with the industry.

Check out some photos from the LA Printers Fair. :)

Below: our booth (a 6ft table) showcasing some of our letterpress invitations.

Visitors were able to see the stand alone letterpress pieces and then the finished ensemble.

Below: See a pressman work an old linotype machine. It is still fully functioning and can be seen along with plenty of antique printers at the museum.

Below: drawers and drawers of metal type; used for type setting. Yes, back in the day, each letter or word was manually set.

Below: visitors were able to print their own letterpress card

The museum allowed patrons to sell letterpress and printing machines.

Below: what a printer's shop would have looked like back in the day

Below: a mobile printer! Imagine pressman printing on the road.

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