Friday, October 29, 2010

amazing halloween make-up by promise phan

It's Halloween weekend in So Cal, and whether you've made plans two months prior or just yesterday, I've got to admit, Halloween is probably one of the most anticipated parties of the year. From Las Vegas' adult partying in nothing but body paint to cartoon themed costumes for a family's traditional trick-or-treat in the neighborhood, this weekend's going to be full of surprises, with folks pointing out the "scary," "clever," and extremely "out-of-the-box" costumes of the year. It's one of my favorite times of the year since the streets are spawning with creativity, and for me, I'm always looking for that one person who did a fascinating job with make-up application.

Today's post focuses on make-up, and thanks to a friend on Facebook, I was pointed out to one talented make-up artist who shares tutorials on how to create looks like an ocean blue Avatar, Lady Gaga's anime get up, Katy Perry's infamous blue wig look, the Mad Hatter and even the Bed Intruder's Antoine Dodson. She goes by the name of Promise Phan (dope2111's channel) and has over 80,000 subscribers on YouTube. What an amazing artist! It's not too late if you don't have a costume; bring out your make-up and try one of these looks!

Click HERE for the direct link to Promise's YouTube channel.

Above: Promise Phan's "Neytiri" from Avatar

Above: Promise Phan's "Barbie" look

Above: Promise Phan's "Lady Gaga anime" look

Above: Promise Phan's sexy swamp mermaid look

Above: Promise Phan's "Katy Perry" look

Above: Promise Phan's "pin up girl" look

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