Sunday, October 10, 2010

STREET INSPIRED :: pal zileri (Munich, Germany)

I just returned from the most spontaneous trip to Munich, Germany with the hubby and some family, and I have to admit that Europe is truly fashion forward. As we walked through the shops in the city center, I couldn't help but notice all the "wedding" teasers, from displayed costume jewelry, to mouth-watering chocolates great for give aways, to some of the most stunning designer heels. Oh, and might I add, the plethora of potential reception venues donning some of the most compelling architectural features, which to the Europeans, is probably all too common.

This time, the hubby pointed out some slim tuxedos and suits by Pal Zileri that I thought were blog worthy. While I spend time helping ladies create the perfect look, I have to share that the groom must compliment his bride. Though this STREET INSPIRED post presents some expensive (as in $1,000-2,000) suits, I just want to give you some ideas for creating a more modern look.

I love the "blinged" lapel on the tux below. It's only a 0.5 inch trim, but makes a world of a difference.

Below: Striped suit + dotted tie. Awesome contrast. And yes, the white dress shirt should "peep" out of the sleeves of the jacket. The European look is to have the jacket sleeves slightly shorter, like in the photo below. Love the stitching.

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