Thursday, November 11, 2010

every man should own one good suit

Without suits, men would have nothing. In the hierarchy of style, a good suit remains a man’s only trump card. Even in this sad age of casual-wear, the suit still carries an air of success, taste, and sophistication. It is designed to make you look better, to break boundaries between social classes, to make a small man tall with pinstripes or a fat man rich with soft wools. The suit looks good in restaurants, trains, dinner parties or Paris; in short, everywhere you want to be. It is, in its best forms, a complete outfit that will never fail you.* -- editor Men's Fashion: Part I, Suits via The Morning News

Photo: the suit aficionado himself, Mr. Cary Grant

I read the news almost daily, perusing local articles, entertainment headlines, and even fashion musings, and after stumbling upon a really good article, Men's Fashion: Part I, Suits via The Morning News, I had to share what the editor was trying to communicate. Ladies, it's time for us to come together to help our brothers, friends, husbands, boyfriends, even dads, look 110% in the one outfit that can speak 1,000 words -- his suit. There is nothing better than seeing a man meticulously groomed and put together at a wedding. After all, the modern wedding is the place for guests to come dressed to impress, not with the intent of over doing the bride or groom, but to blend in with such a classy, stylish, and fashionable celebration.


This article, though simply stated as an opinion, characterizes general rules, like:
  • The suit, no matter the style, needs to fit your body, closely. This means all pieces should be cut and tailored appropriate to your form. Surprisingly, this doesn’t require a lot of money ($500 can, in fact, get you a good suit) but it does take an eye, and the strength to ignore any saccharine compliments from salesmen.
  • Trends have six-to-eighteen-month shelf lives. If you plan to retire your suit in this window, feel free to splurge. Otherwise, shop considerately.
  • Suits are made of wool or cotton, and their variations. Additional fabrics need not apply.
  • You are an interesting, confident, multi-hued man. Let others learn that from how you behave, not from the label on your jacket.
  • A suit jacket goes with suit pants, not with jeans or chinos. If you want a casual jacket, buy a sport-coat or a blazer. Stand-up comedians are regularly shot over this rule.
  • If you’re not comfortable—if you don’t feel the suit’s appropriate for you—the salesman’s looking out for his commission, not your style.
  • A modestly, well-dressed man has never failed to impress. Yes, never.*
The editor discusses The Fab Four*: suits that would be fitting throughout the year.

It's a great little read, enough to get you to begin noticing how a man wears his suit.
*Source: Men's Fashion: Part I, Suits via The Morning News

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