Tuesday, November 9, 2010

gowns by claire pettibone :: cherry blossom 2010

As one of my favorite wedding gown designers, Claire Pettibone knows how to accentuate a lady's femininity. These dresses, picked from Claire Pettibone's Cherry Blossom 2010 line, flirt with floral textures, mixing of fabrics, transparent chiffons, and organic lines. Pettibone's dresses are so delicate, each gown is handled with an abundance of TLC. And though they come without the heavy tulle, full ball gown skirt, and tons of pick up, the details that embrace these dresses, from the hand sewn silk flowers, to the sheer layers of chiffon, take months and months to assemble, making these gowns art pieces. Check out some of my favorites from her Cherry Blossom line; and see just how much labor is involved. Besides comparing materials when shopping for your gown, pay a attention to the small hand sewn details, folds, types of stitching, and you'll appreciate the value in these expensive necessities. Pettibone's already working on her 2011 line; can't wait!


Sky Between

Madame Butterfly with Obi

(without obi)


Cherry Blossom



Photos: ClairePettibone.com

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