Tuesday, December 7, 2010

ivory+peach+chocolate wedding invitations

Serena+Parker just tied the knot over the Thanksgiving weekend in San Ramon, and we want to congratulate them and wish the two well in their journey!

B&W had the privilege of working on the smallest invitation project by far -- quantity only 20 -- but like most of our projects, I like to be challenged. Sometimes working with a really small quantity is difficult; printers don't normally take on jobs that require small quantities. So to stay cost effective, we printed digitally on metallic paper. I used layering to help bring dimension to her invitation. The base color was ivory and I knew I needed to create contrast within the invitation. Another element that helped balance the design was the use of an engagement photo that stretched across the front of their insert. Serena's simple request was achieved and it made for a truly sophisticated piece. What makes this job extra special is that we hand made all 20 envelopes. From creating a dieline, to printing the graphics, trimming, and then assembling, these envelopes took almost an entire day to make. In the end, I couldn't be happier with this modern, sophisticated, and lovely invitation. It spoke truly of what Serena+Parker wanted for their big day.

These are the hand made envelopes using ivory metallic paper. We printed one-color on one side using a peach color.

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  1. I had the honor of receiving one of these exclusive invitations! The invitations were absolutely beautiful. I could see and feel the quality and care that was so carefully handcrafted. The balancing design was delicate and natural, reflective of the lovely couple! The engagement photo really added a personal touch and brought the invitation to life. This invitation truly captured the intimacy shared at this special,intimate celebration of true love.