Thursday, January 13, 2011

JM's new adventure :: BEECH Bowtique

It's no surprise that Bellz & Whistlez has some of the most talented and amazingly creative people on the team. I always tell clients we're not just backed with folks who have a passion for wedding planning; we're actually supported by real professionals who went to school to receive their bachelors degree, additional certification, or even masters degrees to do this for a living! Cyril, Christy, and Janissa create the perfect core, and I'm so honored to work with them.

Left to right: Bellz & Whistlez {Janissa Mendoza, Christy Quiogue, Cyril Nierva, Charmae Salazar}

Cyril Nierva's daily job is to lead, organize and plan some of UCSD's (University of California San Diego) biggest events on campus, steering hundreds or thousands to participate. Reaching out to vendor resources all over Southern California, Cyril provides an interactive solution to student orientation and campus camaraderie. She puts all event planning skills to the test, sometimes having to create events within a few days or juggle multiple events at once.

Christy Quiogue, who has also delved into the world of higher education event planning, working on campuses such as UCSD, SDSU and CSU San Marcos, has shifted gears from the campus events to a more streamlined avenue in career counseling. Helping students understand the importance of "doing what you love" and adding it to the more complex question of "how to make a living out of it?," she provides inspiration that professionals will remember fifty years from now. Her job takes on a different degree of planning since going to school takes discipline and is governed by taking small steps over an extended period of time.

As a full-time Catering Manager at the posh Andaz hotel in Downtown, San Diego, Janissa Mendoza works on the other side of event planning, giving site tours of the hotel, explaining Andaz' services to potential clients, booking and securing events, and guiding couples throughout the planning. On top of that, she works for Bellz & Whistlez as an Event Coordinator, helping couples with design ideas and logistical plans for the reception. She manages to juggle her schedule around to accommodate each job, and in between, takes on the role of being a writer for the B&W blog, designs dresses for friends and family, and still creates time for her social life. When she told me a few months ago that she had another exciting adventure in her life, it didn't surprise me because she's a renegade.

And for the new adventure, Janissa is now a co-owner of one of La Jolla's very own clothing boutiques right off Girard Avenue (7874 Girard Avenue, La Jolla, CA 92037) -- BEECH Bowtique. Now, tell me Janissa, what superwoman cereal are you eating?! We congratulate Janissa on this new venture AND wish her a happy birthday! With her fashion-forward thinking, savvy style, and designer eye, this is a perfect place for her. So readers, if you want to meet someone magnificent, check out the "bowtique" on Sunday, in celebration of two of the owners' b-days and do some shopping damage! And on a side note, Bellz & Whistlez had the honor of revamping their brand. Check out B&W's new logo design for BEECH Bowtique! :)

New logo designed by Bellz & Whistlez

** And don't miss out.. Gercy Galang will be making you divalicious with some awesome feather extensions!

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