Tuesday, January 11, 2011

modern cascade bouquets

When hearing the words "cascade bouquet," most people would probably envision a wedding from the 1980s. Let's face it, it was the style, possibly a tradition, thirty years ago. It's no wonder that most of the bouquets we see in any current magazine are modern, tight, small to medium in size, and composed mostly of flowers, not foliage. But I'm glad to see the cascade bouquet is making a come back, in a modern direction. Whether you're a taller bride seeking a bouquet that will balance your height, or you're wearing a simpler wedding gown that could use a complement of texture, or you just want something unique, opt for a modern cascade bouquet -- it definitely makes a statement.

Here are some of my "likes" that I spotted online. Most of these have minimal foliage fillers. You can have a florist design a small-medium cascade (also known as a teardrop), or a large (full) cascade bouquet. *Note: ask your florist about the weight of your flower selection. Cascade bouquets are larger and longer, and can test your forearm strength on the day of the wedding!

Photo source (above): Plum Sage Florist

Photo source (above): W Wedding Flowers

Photo source (above): Vogue Flowers

Photo source (above): The Knot

Photo source (above): Lola The Bride

Photo source (above): Kremp Florist

Photo source (above): Dusty Brown

Photo source (above): Martha Stewart

Photo source (above): Martha Stewart

Photo source (above): Balla Florist

Photo source (above): Martha Stewart

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