Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sam Day: a sam(e) day wedding painter!

What can I bring to the table that will make my wedding just that more amazing? This is a question we try to answer when working with our clients. Not only do we aim at bringing extremely cool ideas to the table, but we attempt to make it something that's personal to the couple, thus adding value to the planning/wedding. Today, I'm going to share a really personalized and unique vendor.

Want to do something totally different and be rewarded with a priceless gem at the end? Well, check out Sam Day. We are used to the same day photography or videography edits, but how about a same day painting? Sounds amazing, yes?! Sam Day , based out of Seattle, WA, is a professional painter and illustrator who does same day wedding/gala paintings. He also draws caricatures and editorial illustrations. There's nothing more artistic than having a professional painter set up a studio at your venue and capture such a spectacle. Day's paintings are Renoir-esque. I love his impressionistic approach to his canvases. Hang one of these up in your living room, and your house guests will gawk at the art work; they probably will go nuts when you tell them that the painting is a snapshot of your wedding.

Photo above: oil painting from a wedding; by Sam Day

Photo above: Sam Day in action!

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  1. Nice pictures of wedding painting and professional painter wa.Thanks for sharing it.