Friday, April 15, 2011

creations with baby's breath

Baby's breath in a centerpiece? Why, yes! I love receiving flowers, but slap me on the hand for always wanting to toss the baby's breath. For some reason, baby's breath seems more like a filler vs flower, and when I receive bouquets, I like to simplify the overall aesthetic, leaving the flowers to be the main focal point, eliminating the fluff of green leaves and typically, the baby's breath. But floral designers are proving me wrong -- this elegant, lush filler can be the floral focal point after all, and I wouldn't doubt this would be one truly cost effective way of creating a centerpiece for any occasion, like a wedding, anniversary party, bridal shower, or baby shower. Its elegance is created by its almost cotton-candy like appearance. Delicately arrange the stems using a narrow, curvy, elongated black or white vase to create a chic display. And spruce them up with stringed crystals or colored runners.

Photo sources: (top) Pacific Weddings / Chrissy Lambert Photography, (middle collage) Bride's Cafe, JLDesigns, Justin Marantz Photography, Lacey Hansen, The Knot, (bottom) Project Wedding

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  1. I love the fullness of babies breath when used alone and not as fillers! It is so romantic and has a vintage look to it. They are affordable as well!

    Wynn Austin