Monday, May 30, 2011

laurie mura for "i believe it's cake"

Thanks to Facebook, I've been able to connect with not just old friends and family, but some really inspirational vendors in the wedding industry. Some time ago, a good friend of mine, Mike Iwamasa, mentioned a friend who had started a company, making wedding cakes and baked goodies, but with many of the referrals I get, many slip through the cracks because of my super busy schedule. :( Thankfully, in my recent attempt to find a local cupcake baker/artist, Mike turned me on to I Believe It's Cake a second time around. I had remembered hearing the name, but couldn't associate a cake with the company, so I looked up IBI on Facebook. OH MY! I've been missing out, and it's so unfortunate! With projects like baking/food sculpting, where hundreds of cupcakes need to be made, in addition to elaborate 4-tier fondant wedding cake projects, and character cookies for a 1st birthday, I can imagine how difficult it might be to maintain a level of quality one must maintain in just one weekend. But for IBI, all of Laurie Mura's creations turn out magnificent! It's obvious she puts all her time and energy into each project, ensuring that no detail is left unfinished nor neglected. From the creative concepts, smooth rolling of the sugar fondant, to the delicately cut out shapes, to the even coloring of the fondant, it's evident Laurie knows her medium and executes every cake with amazing craftsmanship. And if you know me, I pay attention to every detail because execution is more important than the concept alone. Just check out some of Laurie's sweet creations.

To inquire for a local order (proximate to the Torrance, CA area), contact:
I Believe It's Cake
Contact/Founder: Laurie Mura
Location: Torrance, CA
Facebook page (with lots of images!) -- click here

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