Tuesday, June 28, 2011

the modern chuppah

The "chuppah," a Hebrew word meaning, "canopy" or "covering," signifies the couple's first home in Jewish tradition*, and has been used in religious and non-religious ceremonies. As a traditional element and also a decorative one, the chuppah is the focal point to any ceremony, being marked as the anchor to the design of the ceremony space. If you're wondering, many say you do not need to partake in a Jewish ceremony to utilize a gorgeous chuppah. On another note, you can double its use by having the design team transport the chuppah inside the reception space to frame the sweethearts table -- a huge visual impact.

With the transformation of wedding design, here are some modern twists to the traditional chuppah design, which normally consists for four poles covered by a traditional prayer shawl.

*Source: Answers.com
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Monday, June 27, 2011

silky and chic in chiffon :: maggie sottero

On occasion, I find myself watching "Say Yes To The Dress," on TLC, and though my jaw drops at some of the comments made by opinionated family members searching for their dream wedding gown, I still find it interesting to see what each bride likes. After all, these dresses reflect each bride, how she see's herself, and how comfortable or not so comfortable she wants to be on her wedding day. From the huge ball gowns, to the intricately beaded dresses, I find myself wanting to see more sheaths, flowy, and natural lined dresses. So, I went online, looking for a designer who could capture the essence of this type of gown, and came across the talented Maggie Sottero and her 2011 designer selection. But this time, I pulled beautiful chiffon gowns, sans the pickups, gathers, and tulle underlining. Perfect for any wedding, these chiffon selections fall on the natural lines of a woman's body, and do not over power one with weight. After seeing some brides rock fifteen pound dresses, I'm sure they wouldn't mind to see how light and comfortable a chiffon based dress can be, and how a more simple-lined dress can still be the focal point of any wedding.

Photo source: Maggie Sottero.com . . .(click for full post)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

splash mountain surprise

I posted this photo on FB yesterday, and it received lots of love! It's not my image, but I found it online while looking for lace doilies, of all things! If you aren't familiar with the ride Splash Mountain, it's a popular attraction/water ride at the famous Disneyland theme park in Orange County, CA. What a creative groom! Sending lots of high-5s to you!

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dope nail art

Some cool nail designs to post on a beautiful Tuesday afternoon... reminds me, I better schedule my final pedicure appointment before Baby arrives!

Photo sources: unknown, Chloe's Nails, HauteOnAMission, MyAcrylicNailsDesign, BlueShame, FamFiend, CulturoGenius
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Monday, June 20, 2011

jenga guest book

Reblogging.. saw this online (via OhWeddings.net) and thought it was super genius!

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

parisian save-the-dates :: sauvez la date pour le mariage

Bonjour! This year, B&W is working on the design of multiple weddings, each showcasing a very unique, distinct theme or style. Trina+Michael, design+invitations+coordination clients of ours, are to be wed this summer in La Jolla, and we are truly honored to help execute a romantic, sweet Parisian theme for them. They've pulled their resources together and have some really cool elements to add to the décor of their reception, along with a beautiful color scheme. We'll be sure to hint some of those throughout the rest of the planning via Facebook or this blog. In the meantime, here are their custom French-styled "sauvez la date pour le mariage" postcards. Delicate, simple, but the message is clear: this is going to be one extraordinary wedding.

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

sweet+modern aloha wedding invitations

Here are snapshots of the coordinating custom wedding invitations we designed for V+M's sweet+modern Hawaii wedding, which will take place next month at the gorgeous Lanikuhonua Cultural Institute, a private estate, located on the island of O'ahu. These invitations match the save-the-date postcards we created a few months ago. I adore the logo illustration which personalizes their paper goods. :) In addition to these few paper projects, we've been working all year with the design+coordination for this special event, and can't wait to be in paradise.. (that goes for the lucky Cyril, who will be facilitating the big day!)! For me, Baby will be due around that time, but I will be at the wedding in spirit! Alooooha!

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Thursday, June 9, 2011

just lov3's grand opening {may 15, 11}

On May 15th, 2011, Janissa Mendoza (one of B&Ws event coordinators), Elaine Bascos, and Chrisell Gonzales, celebrated the grand opening of their chic boutique, Just Lov3, in La Jolla, CA. Set on the 2nd floor, above Aloha Sushi, at 7729 Fay Avenue, this intimate store is full of specially selected threads, sexy kicks, and glamorous accessories, courtesy of its stylish owners. Cyril, Karen (another bff of ours), and I made a trip to support one of our very own, shopping for hip clothes to rock in this SoCal climate. I love the prices, variety of trends (which totally reflect the styles of each owner), and comfortable ambiance. Check out all the hard work these gals put into the new shop -- yes, this was a labor of love, from the paint, to set up, to in-house marketing -- we love the shop! Congrats, Just Love3! We wish you all the luck and love in your new business adventure.

Above: Chrisell, Janissa, and Elaine (owners of Just Lov3) in their new store, Just Lov3

Above: B&W team -- Cyril, Charmae, and Janissa

Photos taken by Josell Mariano . . .(click for full post)