Friday, August 5, 2011

what's stirring in the pot? {aug 2011}

I've been on a blogging hiatus, as you might've noticed. Between working events, doing corporate projects, carrying a big belly, and being a wife and family woman, posting has been put aside to manage an already challenging schedule in preparation for the baby. I totally apologize, but I've made somewhat of an effort to share things on the Bellz & Whistlez Facebook page, so if you want to keep up with our current status, feel free to "LIKE" our page and see what we're up to! :) In the meantime, B&W has been working full force on invitations, weddings, and now other events like baby showers, children's parties, and bridal showers!

I've been a mom for 35 days now, and it's definitely a remarkable time in my life. I mentioned pics would come soon, and here are two images, one in his daddy's hand taken by the in-house photographer at the hospital (2 days old), and the other, taken by me, at home (1 month old). Abram, Jr. has been keeping us quite busy. I'm managing a crazy work schedule while he naps and when his daddy gets home. We do miss my hubby/wife life, but wouldn't do anything to change the fact that we now have our little boy. I can't imagine myself without him.

* NEWS: Janissa just wrapped up working Comic Con for Andaz; Cyril coordinated another successful wedding in Hawai'i; Christy and I worked to coordinate and design a spectacular 4th birthday party; and we've done quite a few invitation jobs. We are looking forward to a busy, busy fall season, designing and coordinating weddings in San Diego, Long Beach, and Westlake! Lastly, we are continuing to revamp the blog and will eventually convert to WordPress .. might not happen till the end of the year, but we're on it!

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  1. I am FINALLY taking time to check your blog so I can see your precious lil' Abram! Congrats!!! What a doll baby! Can't wait to see more photos! <3