Wednesday, October 26, 2011

NEWS! Bellz & Whistlez welcomes Fro to the team

NEWS!! With the high demand for designed•styled•personalized weddings, the B&W team has decided to expand the team to get ready for the 2012 year! We will soon be on the hunt for more professionals who are interested in helping with events, but without further ado, we'd LOVE to welcome B&Ws newest member, Francis "Fro" Arenas.

Fro Arenas began his professional career in the defense industry as a technical writer for military aircraft systems. He currently works for the US Government managing maintenance manuals for military aircraft. Additionally, Fro is an active reservist with the US Coast Guard. He is pursuing a master's degree in Business Analysis and has aspirations to become certified as a Project Manager Professional and Business Analysis Professional. Fro is married to his beautiful wife Eunice and just recently became new parents to their first child, Mateo.

As a past wedding client, Fro not only demonstrated his comfort with event planning and logistics, but worked extremely well with meeting deadlines and working with vendors. He is a dedicated individual who is known to be punctual, assertive, and personable. With his ability to multi-task (career, reservist job, school, husband, and new dad!), military backbone, passion for fashion & style, and confidence, we are excited to bring different dynamic to B&W! This is a treat for all you grooms out there! Recently, Fro successfully shadowed the team at his first event -- the Atrero/Torres wedding.

Photos above: top left and bottom left were taken at his wedding; photo credit: FeatherLove Photography; right: image of Fro and his wife, Eunice Arenas (with baby Mateo in the belly)

Photo above: Christy, Charmae, Cyril, and Fro with the newlyweds, Lhea and Albert Torres (Oct 1, 2011)

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