Tuesday, April 10, 2012

E+F's military vintage themed wedding {04.10.10} :: featherlove photography

Two years have flown by since Eunice and Fro were hitched at St. Rita's Church and celebrated with 370 guests at the San Diego Air & Space Museum. I've been waiting for the perfect time to put this sweet and funny couple in the spotlight, and today's the day.

Happy Anniversary, Eunice and Fro! It was such a pleasure working with you and also getting to know you as a couple. We will always remember your truly creative, hands-on, and super fun celebration. It's an honor to know we were selected to get down and dirty with your original, military vintage theme, carrying out lots of personal touches from the invitations, to the table design, cool military package favors, and even the custom painted photo backdrop -- we really covered all the bellz & whistlez! And we won't forget the on-point production and execution of dope music and emceeing -- one of the best by far. And though the days of getting on the phone to chat about wedding cakes, invitations, and details are long gone, we can now share our conversations about our new li'l boys. Congratulations on your adorable addition, li'l Francis Mateo. And Fro, we are honored to have you join the B&W crew.

Above: photos taken by B&W; custom letterpress invitations by Bellz & Whistlez

Couple: Francis and Eunice Arenas
Church: St Rita's Church
Venue: San Diego Air and Space Museum
Design+Invitations+Coordination: Bellz & Whistlez
Custom "come fly w/us!" Backdrop: Bellz & Whistlez
Green linen/ring pillow/guest book: Bellz & Whistlez
Florist: Sara Eaton from Black Lotus
Music/MC: Henry and Randy from the Sharpshooterz/Marie Obaña
Videography: Epic Affair
Photography: Noa Azoulay-Sclater from Feather Love Photography
Catering/Linen/Sundae Station: Personal Touch Dining
Cake: The Cake Lady (Shirley Resnick)
Vintage Transportation (1929 Durant): Lance Haynes with HireOldCars.com
Lighting: FloralWorks

I look at these photos by the rad Noa Azoulay-Sclater of Featherlove Photography, and can't help but relive every moment of the planning, from assembling nearly 200 invitations, sewing custom linen and a matching burlap ring pillow, painting a backdrop with my dad, to the actual wedding day. Take a look... even the photography style matches the wedding.

To see more photos, please visit Noa's blog here.
To see photos of their save-the-dates, please click here.

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